Sissy Stories

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  • 03 Aug 2016
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Sissy Stories

The term sissy is a little provocative, especially in today’s society. The society is continuously baffled with the changing gender roles and most importantly how to associate these roles to masculinity or feminism. With discussions taking different directions, it goes without saying that the term sissy is unavoidable. However, it is vital to know the meaning of term sissy, how it affects gender and finally look at why some men portray the desire for sissy stories.

Sissy is a word that was formed from the word sister, which also implies words like sissy baby, sissy boy, sissy man, sissy pants and the list could go on and on. It is basically a word that is used to describe a boy or rather a man who does not conform to the society’s definition of who a man or boy should be. In other words, a sissy is a boy child or man who does not follow the gender stereotypes that have been constructed by the society. In addition to that, the term sissy goes ahead to imply the lack of strength, courage, athleticism, testosterone and even male libido. Arguably, all the above characterize who a man should be or masculinity. Additionally, sissy could also mean a man who is quite interested in activities traditionally done by women or to be specific feminine gender roles as laid out by the society. These could be female hobbies, work or portraying feminine behavior, for example, using female hair and makeup products.

Sissy could also cause social stigma to men and boys of such character. Contrary to this, the female version of the term sissy means tomboy. A girl who portrays masculinity or interest in masculinity in terms of behavior. While the latter does not raise an alarm in the society, sissy behavior in boys and men proves to bring societal isolation.

Sissy stories are referred to as stories with characters that take up the roles of a sissy. These stories exhibit sissy like behavior for example men dressing like women, applying makeup and even acting like girls. Such men are most likely submissive and depict the character of accepting all the orders from the other partner when relationships are considered. This behavior could be inborn but sometimes it could be learned or acquired as one grows. Sissy behavior could also be forced on some men especially when a storyteller tries to make the story interesting by introducing the element of power and influence.

Furthermore, some men also appeal to sissy stories. These men have a desire to read stories with sissy like characters. This could be due to a number of reasons. First, these men could be loving the fact that a man can take up the gender roles of a woman and actually be able to perform them very well, if not perfectly. Moreover, cross-dressing has is intriguing to some men hence the desire to like sissy stories. In addition to that, some men love the way sissies are submissive. This attracts them to such characters which explain why such men have a desire which they cannot get from the women.