Sissy Boy

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  • 03 Aug 2016
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Sissy Boy

The word sissy boy is often interpreted differently by each individual. Some people think being a sissy means the same thing as being homosexual whereas others believe it’s more of a lifestyle and has got nothing to do with an individual’s sexual orientation, which is true.


Sissy boy is a term for a male who doesn’t subscribe to “standard male” gender stereotypes. Such an individual is often less masculine; i.e less courageous, less strengthful, less athletic, and less coordinative. He also has low sex drive than his normal male counterparts.
This species of men is not automatically gay; sissiness is simply a lifestyle with nothing in common with a person’s sexual orientation. One can embrace this lifestyle but still remain straight although there are many gay and bisexual sissies out there. The psychology behind why this lifestyle appeals to some men is a bit complicated but one thing is certain—-they derive satisfaction from carrying themselves like girls or women.

Characteristics of a Sissy Boy

1.He Has No Trouble Showing His Emotions through Tears

In our society, crying is for the weaker sex since it’s seen as a sign of weakness. Men are expected to be strong and try as much as possible to hold back tears no matter the situation. If they have to cry, they should do so in private.

Sissies are not afraid to display their emotions tearfully. They can easily shed tears in public if they are hurt or disappointed even by the slightest things. And this is the first distinguishing trait of this species of males.

2. He Doesn’t Have Problem Doing a Woman’s Chores in the House


Unlike the standard male, this type of a man will have no trouble doing women’s household chores like cleaning, ironing, sewing, tiding up, looking after babies and so on even if there is a woman around. However, it’s also important to point out that doing these tasks does not necessarily imply sissyness, especially if there is no female around to help them out.

3. They Like To Engage In Girly Activities


This male species is more interested in girly pursuits than manly pursuits. For instance, sissy boys like to be around girls and take part in gossiping, discussing fashion and design or even practicing a church choir song instead of being out there with fellow guys, playing a sport, having a political discussion or even chasing after girls.


4. They Are More Sensitive


Sissies are more sensitive to other people’s feelings than their normal peers. They are more sympathetic, empathetic and tend to be careful not to hurt other people’s feelings. This male species also catches feelings a lot faster than the standard male.


5. They Prefer Girly Outfits


Recognizing a tom girl is as easy as looking at the manner in which he is dressed. One will always incorporate a woman-like apparel or fashion accessory into his look.


Having one or two of these characteristics does not automatically imply sissyness,however possessing all of these characteristic certainly does.The sissy lifestyle is said to be quite fun and interesting and is widely accepted in many cultures.Therefore,don’t be afraid to select the lifestyle that makes you happy and fulfilled.