Forced Feminization

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  • 29 Jul 2016
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forced feminization

Forced feminization is a common sexual fantasy fetish in which the female takes control over the submissive male, and they engage in a little playacting: the male is subjected to the domme’s will, following her orders completely, taking a forced sissification role. Often, the dominatrix may appear violent, involving whipping, bondage, and even the use of strap-ons for pegging. For an outside viewer, it may seem that the forced sissy is suffering, but this is all a show. The submissive man enjoys this fantasy all the more.  He is, in fact, cooperating totally with sissy trainer and engaging in BDSM voluntarily. The term forced fem isn’t accurate since no one is a slave and being truly overpowered into doing anything against their wishes.

This practice is called dominated into becoming a femme usually involves protests by the man who is subjected to the feminization. What ‘s hard for outsiders to understand, is that while the man may be vehemently protesting, he is, in fact, an active and willing participant getting highly aroused by the experience. The protest demonstration only provides an added degree of stimulation to the sexual encounter for the dominant woman and forced sissy slave.

Femdom is a powerful sexual fantasy which is widely practiced. However, not all couples take it to its utmost possible heights of sissy humiliation and degradation.  One way to enhance and further explore the experience so that you can enjoy it, even more, is to combine it with the use of hypnosis and mind control.

Forced feminization may seem a little strange, but it’s very common, especially among males who are very powerful in their ordinary life: businessmen, CEO’s, high-ranking officials, etc. What you need to understand is that it can add a fascinating and highly pleasurable aspect to a couple’s sex life.

The role hypnosis can play is installing embedded desires, altering ability to resist the fem dom’s commands, and increasing the depths of effeminate behavior.  For example, a sissy hypno file might install a strong urge to crossdress or perform housekeeping duties wearing a maid outfit.

Various types of files are available based off any and all fetishes one might have.  Hypnosis Mp3 products can be purchased online and downloaded instantly to be enjoyed privately. The femme listens to the files and connects to his feminine sissy side. Now he is better able to play along with the fantasy and fully enjoy it. The effect of the hypnotic trance is as temporary as the listener wants. In this way, you can enjoy your fantasy at night, and the next day goes on your daily business without anyone knowing.

Sissy training programs can help the femme connect to the femdom and forced feminization sexual fantasy. So whether you’re a man looking into sissification for yourself, or a female looking for something for her man, either of the programs can work for you or take your sexual experience to a new level.