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  • 28 Jul 2016
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Curious about the feeling of being a woman and feel what women’s experience are?  Feminization doesn’t have to mean getting a surgical addition or removal of a sexual part.  Beginning to display more effeminate mannerisms is an excellent start.  Rather than crossdressing, forced feminization, or taking the bigger steps towards becoming a fully engaged sissy, you can simply surrender to your natural feminine mannerisms.  For example, when you walk, use your catwalk and sway your hips.  When you speak, use your lighter, more feminine voice. Even with sexual feelings and much more.

So for a transgender person who wishes to feel more like a women practicing feminization regularly is a stepping stone on your path to possible gender reassignment. Usually, people transplant the sexual organs to feel like women, but this is a surgical treatment which comes with a whole bunch other potential issues such as side effects, pain or even a default on the part which has been dealt with.  Here’s a suggestion.  Wouldn’t you like to opt for a way that is painless and has no side effects that is well renowned for its overall success? Yes talking about hypnosis. Unlike surgical gender reassignment hypno-therapy is an inexpensive solution, additionally, the results that you are getting through this will be far more satisfying than any type of feminization like facial surgery.

Feminization hypnosis won’t primarily focus on making any physical changes in your body, but it does target changing your perception of physical appearance allowing you to feel more like women.

Your speech will change; your way of expressing yourself will be similar to that of a proper female. As for you, you won’t have those women’s sexual organs with the combination of the male characteristics. All this will change you can look sound and feel more over like women. A proper combination will make you feel more feminine. All this will be possible with the help of hypnosis.

But this hypno feminization is not the case with the transgender exclusively, many men while indulged in sex want to feel more over like women, this is where the female partner acts as a more dominant of two. This can be a normal feeling of experiencing what women do when they are having sex with their partners. But what if you are manly and can go to the extent of just wearing the clothes or being less dominant and more submissive during the sexual intercourse. There are other features that you can add to your effeminate self-expression.  Traits like your vocal tone, walking style, presenting your appearance. All these features will allow you to feel more feminine. These behaviors are controlled by your subconscious mind and trying to can this through just sheer will power is difficult and this is where hypnosis will help you.  Hypnotic programming will allow you to think as women, once you do this the rest of your features are bound to change with your new way of thinking.  So will you act?

This content consists of self-hypnotizing sessions. This means that you can practice this in the secret of your home and unleash the new womanly features when you are performing sexual intercourse. You are sure to grow with your new found feminization hypno-sessions so you can enjoy sex in a different way. Experiencing feminization cannot get easier than this.