During my transformation, I discovered the fabulous benefits of listening to hypnosis audio recordings and subliminal for reconditioning my image of myself. While it seemed to be the most challenging at first, I learned that being a woman on the outside was the easiest part.  The real challenge came once I realized that in order to be able to live my life fully congruent, I needed my inner self to be in alignment with my outer feminine behavior.

After using hypno-therapy to become more comfortable with my sissy self, I recognized that I wasn’t alone and there are a lot of other sissies out there who could really benefit from what I discovered.  Not to mention, throughout my transformation I developed some amazing skills to aid others using NLP, Trance States, and Auto-Suggestion.

My purpose for this site is to provide guidance and relief for others going through the inner turmoil of feeling like you have two different forces within you pulling you in different directions.  If I could connect and assist just one beautiful sissy out there, then all my efforts have been worth the struggles.