Hypnosis To Enhance Your Inner Sissy

Feminization is a common desire for many men, and this intense need to act and dress like women isn’t as simple as cross dressing.  The term sissification means exactly what it sounds like, taking a guy who is considered a sissy and assisting him with completing gender reassignment.

Many times a mentor will guide the guy with the sissification process by suggesting he wear their shoes, skirts, underwear, even bras, in an attempt to get him more comfortable in expressing his authentic self.  Although the term sissy originated in BDSM, when the submissive male would be forced into gender reassignment, or forced feminization, today it’s simply a nickname for a male who exhibits feminine behaviors or appears effeminate.

This guy is easy to spot in a crowded room because everyone flocks to him.  He is flamboyant, he loves cross dressing, he speaks softly, and he loves showing off his feminine body.   This guy can talk like a lady, bat his eyes, dress like a dime piece, and even stuff his bra all he wants, but unless confident at his core he is only fool himself.

Crossdressing alone isn’t enough to complete the feminization process entirely, so dedicated sissies turn to mind control or brain washing to improve their self-image.   Acting more feminine isn’t just about the clothes or a sexy walk, it is about a total mind transformation.  You can have all of the exterior workings, but if the mind is not fully congruent, the entire look falls apart due because of inner conflict between your conscious and subconscious.  Even a full gender cross-over from male to female will be ineffective if he still thinks he is a man trying to be a woman.  Surgically removing the penis and getting breast implants can complete the physical transformation, but without the mind on board, you won’t be comfortable.

For some guys, slipping into a set of heels, pantyhose, bra, sexy dress or even as a sissy maid is enough to satisfy their occasional interest in being a pantywaist, for others, they are committed and know the full transformation happens from working on both your inner and outer self.  This isn’t as shallow as a guy going to a chick-flick or a drag show and hoping that in two hours he walks out a new woman!  For the authentic sissies at the core, hypno-therapy has the incredible result of aligning your perception of yourself and your exterior self-expression.  This isn’t merely about how the world perceives what is on the outside, the sissification process can only work if this guy really believes and feels that he has made this transformation fully.

So how can we accelerate the sissification process for the guy who sub-consciously craves that gentle shove over the edge?

Through the exposure of hypnotic sessions.

The reason that hypnotic therapy sessions are so effective is you are reaching deep into the subconscious, the place where feelings, actions, and patterns originate.  While the conscious mind appears to be in control of you, in all actuality, your subconscious commands your beliefs, emotions, and self-identity.   You might have a brand new killer rack and an ass to make guys weak, but without the brain playing along, it is just a drag fashion show. When you believe deep inside you that this is the only way to be, then everything on the outside follows suit. When you feel like the belle of the ball, then you act with conviction and demand the attention you deserve.  Hypnosis helps to remove subconscious blocks in your psychology and those feelings of being shy, embarrassed, nervous, and scared. These feeling are then reconditioned through NLP techniques with those feelings of being sexy, dominant, desirable, and comfortable in your new skin.Sissy Hypno

No longer are you “faking” being a women, you have finalized the transformation.

By a hypnotist using trance and subconscious auto-suggestion to feminize the man the tensions, pressures, and inner turmoil of fully surrendering to your pantywaist expression are relieved.  Letting a man talk for hours on end about his feelings will not replace the subconscious connections to pain, overwhelm, frustration, that he feels associated with this transformation.   Unfortunately, we all receive years of societal programming impose others beliefs about how we should behave.  Each guy has subconscious triggers that can interrupt the sissification process, and turn him from a sweet honey to a raging monster.

Putting “Dude Looks Like a Lady” on the stereo won’t break those triggers, nor will swapping his beer for a red wine, hypno-conditioning is the most efficient way to erase those triggers interrupting this process and allow your feminine flag to finally fly high.

If you have questions or your curiosity is peaked, grab my FREE MP3 file hypnosis for sissies today!  This audio session will help any guy who is interested in no longer restraining his inner sissy to finally let go and experience full self-expression.  No amount of clothing or lipstick can erase those manly feeling you still are connected to.   Only through reconditioning the mind can you achieve your dreams of becoming the queen diva.

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